The School Belle

Bio: “Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”- Abigail Adams I am a teacher who LOVES her craft!! I wake up every day excited to step into the classroom and have an amazing time while engaging young minds. It seems that education has become so serious lately. Don’t get me wrong; I take education very seriously. However, I haven’t let the seriousness kill the joy and fun the students and I share in the classroom. This blog is about meeting standards, helping students achieve, and having oodles of fun in the process. I have been teaching for eight years at a variety of different grade levels. Formerly I worked in a bank doing the whole 9 to 5 thing, but I realized that was not my calling; I didn’t love it. I knew deep in my soul that I was supposed to be a teacher. So I quit my job. Without having another one lined up. Some people might call that crazy; I call it living and being true to myself. While I was earning my degree in Early Childhood Education, I looked for a place to work. I fully believe the quote: “Do the work others aren’t willing to do, and you’ll get the things others will never have.” I wanted to get into a school as soon as possible, but without a degree it was almost impossible. So I did what others would not be willing to do. I worked for FREE. I did it because I really believed in this particular school’s vision, and I wanted to be a part of what they were doing. The school promised me that if a position did become available I would be the first on the list. They kept their promise. It took eight months, but a position opened up and I was offered a job! It was totally worth it. I loved the school and I worked there for seven more years. I hope you will join in the conversations that I post about teaching and the different activities I do in the classroom. This is the place for honesty; some things I do work wonderfully, others not so much. Share your stories with me, and I will share mine with you. Let’s encourage each other not to lose the love we have for teaching!!! -Belle

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