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First Grade Fun Here We Come!

1st Grade Logo

I am SOOOOO excited!!!! After taking a year off from teaching, I am going back to the classroom!!! I was thankful to have the opportunity to take time off when I needed to, but I am ready to get back to the work I love so much. After just a few months of taking off I knew it was going to be a loooong year; I was already missing the classroom, the students, the camaraderie with other teachers. So when I was offered a position as a first grade teacher, I jumped for joy!! In fact, my new administrator was amused by my excitement. During the summer everyone else is muttering, “Teacher planning… ugh”. I am exclaiming, “Teacher planning… YES!!!”. I even went to the school the day after I signed my contract and began setting up my classroom and perusing the curriculum. Pre-planning officially starts next week, and my classroom is almost finished. I am excited about that because I can actually spend my pre-planning time planning lessons instead of rearranging desks.

I must admit that I am a, ok A LOT nervous about the school year. I am working for a new school (I have known the administrator for ten years, so that is a bonus), I am teaching first grade for the first time, and I took a year off from teaching so I hope I am not rusty. I taught pre-K for eight years, and I loved it. However, I have a (possibly unhealthy) passion for reading research and instruction. For years I have studied Orton Gillingham’s methods of instruction as well as other explicit, systematic phonics programs. So while I am a little nervous about teaching at a new grade level for the first time, I am bubbling with excitement to finally use all of the reading strategies I have studied.

1st Grade Teacher Checklist

To get the year started off right, I focus on classroom organization. This form is one I created a few years ago, and it helps me to be mindful of all of the administrative “stuff” that teachers have to deal with every day. It is available for free on my TPT. There is also an editable version. I would love for you to give feedback as to whether anything might be missing from the list. Also, what are your tips or suggestions for a new, first grade teacher?? Let me know! Thanks! Oh, and Happy Pre-Planning!!!!