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Cute (and CHEAP) Mother’s Day Gifts for Students to Make

Mothers Day is fast approaching, and this year I can’t wait! Being the end of the school year, it usually means I am frazzled with end of the year parties, awards, and records. How in the world am I going to squeeze in a craft that will be meaningful and be appreciated, not just tossed in the garbage when the kids aren’t looking? The last few years have gone very well, and I wanted to share what has worked for my classroom.

mothers day flower handprints

1. Handprint Flowers. I found this cute idea at The Trendy Treehouse . This is especially a great Mother’s Day craft for children who are younger. Moms just LOVE handprints!! Paint the hands various colors; imprint them on the construction paper; add stems, bows, and hearts in the middle. Takes only a few minutes and requires materials you probably already have on hand. I take an extra step and have them laminated. This has been a favorite for years.


When you thought I wasn't looking                                    cupcake card

2. Mother’s Day Poem and Cupcake Party! This poem always brings tears to my eyes. You can snag it and other great (and FREE) Mother’s Day resources over at Happy Home Fairy. In conjunction with this poem, I have my students help in decorating cupcakes for their mother. The moms are invited to a cupcake party where they are presented with the student decorated cupcake, th poem, the flower hand-print painting, and the class performs for them. The students might sing a song or recite a poem. It is the end of the year, and this is a great time for students to show what they have learned. The card goes perfectly with the poem and can be found at Disney Family. The instructions say to use it as a magnet card, but I use construction paper and let the students decorate the cupcakes before gluing them down to the accordion card.


Sillhouette Craft


3. Silhouette Craft- This is one that I did a few years ago, and it is a lot easier than it seems. I do NOT try to have students stand still while I trace their profiles on a sheet of paper. I take digital pictures of student profiles. Then I print and cut at home. It saves A LOT of class time, and I can focus more on instruction. 

1st: Have students stand sideways and take a picture. The closer you can get to their profile the better.

2nd: Upload photo, re-size, and print out. It should be printed to the ideal size you want. If that is not possible, enlarge it on a copy machine.

3rd. Cut out profile. Trace on a black sheet of construction paper. (Using white colored pencil has always worked best for me).

4th: Paste profile down to card-stock with student’s name printed on it.

5th: Laminate!!

I also recommend using different color backgrounds from scrapbook paper and different color silhouettes. Play with it and see what you like best.


Those are my top Mother’s Day gifts to create in the classroom. What are your favorites? Do you do something for Father’s Day as well? Would love to hear about it!